Do you play an instrument, and would you like the chance to play folk-dance music with other people rather than sitting by yourself in the front room?  If so, you would be very welcome at the Band Workshop, held on the second Sunday morning of each month, from October to June, in Rainford Village Hall. (NB; RainFORD, not RainHill)

This workshop has been running successfully for many years now, and its aim is enjoyment, and having a good time playing together. The first part of each session is led by a different person each month, when, usually some new tunes are introduced and discussed.

After a break for light refreshments, the second part of the morning, is devoted so "Session Tunes" A selection of not-too-difficult tunes, distributed at the beginning of the year, which we practise up, with the aim of playing for a public dance at the end of the year.

You do not need to be an expert musician, although it is an advantage to be able to read music. Absolute beginners might find it a bit hard to cope. Any music needed is given out well in advance. No pressure, no stress, no criticism of mistakes - we all make them -just come and enjoy yourself. You'll get a friendly welcome.

For details, ring Mary Smith 0151 652 4479