MADFolk Dances

The dances listed below all have a "local" connection, being devised by members of folk dance clubs in the Mersey and Deeside area (MADFolk). 

The listing starts with a collection of dances devised by the late TED HARNDEN

Ted Harnden Collection 1                                      Download
All Down Piccadilly
Cartmel Races
Double 8
Golden H.A.W.K.
Hampshire Hop
Here and Now
House of Cards
Last Contra
Quarry Hill
The Renown
Wedded Bliss
Wedded Bliss
2 couple set, 2s & 4s improper
Longways, duple improper
Longways duple improper
Longways duple proper
Big circle
Longways duple improper
3 couple longways proper
Longways duple improper
4 couple longways improper
3 couple longways proper
Longways duple proper
4 couple longways
Ted Harnden Collection 2                                                     Download
Croxteth Hall
Cartmel Priory
New Queen's Jig
Kickin' Up the Dust
4 couples longways
Sicilian circle
Bucksaw reel / Bekett formation
Lomgways, 1s improper
3 couple longways
Sicilian circle
4 couple longways, 1s improper         (Music score)
Olive Holmes Collection                                                       Download
Ainsdale Green
The Pedlar's Round
Thornham Creek
3 couples longways
3 couples longways
Square 4 couples
Circle 5 couples